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Starting off

Posted: August 14, 2009 by Katie in Family, School
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For some reason this thing isn’t identifying me, so its Katie, just so you know.

So, this blog has existed for more than a week now, and i have been waiting for one of the cuter little kids to post something first, because they have the whole cute-ness factor, but it hasn’t happened. Basically, here i am, kicking this off. i’m not much of a blogger. The thing is, i get bored with it. i have never been able to keep a journal for more than a few days. i have about 20 journals with about 4 pages completed. That’s how i do things. What i’m trying to say, is this relationship that we have going may not last very long; either that, or you wont hear from me very often, which i will continue to blame on the fact that i am a senior, and my life is busy.

The point? i dont know. i think i will just narrate my day- my first day as a senior in high school.

6:00-what the heck is my alarm going off for?

6:10-i gotta take a shower and go to school. my mouth hurts really bad. Tylenol!

6:30-aw man, i think my dad wants to take a shower too. the shower fight begins.

7:00-hey! i actually have time for a sorta real breakfast! talk to my parents about the first day….

7:22-i should actually go to school now, i suppose.

7:30-the parking lot is ridiculously full… get my schedule, see lots of friends. good stuff

7:41-get to trig late… syllabus… blah blah blah….

9:00-assembly! ah, the people i missed! wait, im a senior? im not sure i can do that… i have to figure out my life now! new teachers… yeah yeah, we are amazing, whatever

10:30- 4.o GPA pic, waaaaay late to graphic communications… that class is going to be awful.

11:28-lunch! friends! like 20 of my favorite people around one very small table. its Nate’s birthday, which means Black Jack pizza and soda happiness. are we losers for being a group of 20 seniors who stay on campus for lunch? yes. good.

11:12- 6 minutes til my next class. group of us visit Mr. Shaw. we missed him.

11:18- Spanish. oh no, my usual Spanish partner doesnt have this class. no way im surviving. oh wait, Mr. Rangel likes me already? well, this should be easy.

1:36-AP Psych. not enough room in the class. lots of friends! yay! name game… notecards? i thought i finished that with Mr. Shaw….

2:50-fire drill? we havent checked out books or gotten our homework! massive scramble.

3:00- visit Mr. Shaw again… he’s a good teacher. go get the rest of Pysch stuff… go meet/suck up to new photo teacher. oh good, he is ok with me using the dark room, and he likes me cuz i am willing to help. yay!

3:30- home… nap time!

ok, that may have been really boring, but that was my first day of senior year. its good walking into the school as a senior, cuz you already know lots of the teachers, and you know how the system works. it was a lot of fun seeing my friends that i have missed a lot, and getting to visit with teachers. i like school. im such a weird child, but i think its fun.

so, there is the boring first blog. its started. now maybe Ethan has something cute to say?

Ethan: i dont know. hi. today i went to McDonalds and Target.