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Posted: March 22, 2011 by Madeline in Family
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Don’t you just love it when Grandma Jean comes over and watches you play basketball? Well, when you live in my house you know what I mean. In the hot summer days, Grandma Jean will come over and watch me and my brothers and sisters fail to play basketball (I am pretty sure I am the only one failing.) But she will bring some bottles of Powerade  and she will sit in one of those  outside plastic chairs and she’ll watch us play. If you are fast enough you’ll get a Powerade, but if you aren’t, you’ll get a small bottle of Sunny D. Anyways…  If you’re good at basketball you will score, but if you are bad at it (like me) you will get to hear the wonderful sound of Grandma Jean yelling,”SHORT”. And if you are really bad, then you’ll probably hear about three people yelling,”SHORT.”  Well, that is Grandma Jean. If it is summer day and you are in our family it is most likely that you will hear her scream,”SHORT” at you. But it is still fun playing basketball. And guess what? I am getting better at it! YEAH. So if you live in my house, good luck and try to get better at basketball. If not,  you will likely hear the sweet sound of Grandma Jean yelling,”SHORT.”  Trust me, it gets annoying after a while.  Sometimes you want to duck tape her mouth shut. I even tried it once…..  It didn’t go over so well.