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A sense of oddness

Posted: November 4, 2010 by Madeline in Uncategorized
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I feel odd tonight.  My toes are cold and my hands are hot.  Isn’t that unusual?  Well, I think it is.  I seem to type fast in a weird way.  Have you ever felt the way I do?  I made a little club today I hid in it while doing my school today.  It was hot in my club so I brought some ice packs in there and I put them on my toes.  Isn’t that odd. Today as been an odd day, it seems like, and a happy day in such a weird day.  After a while I started  to read.  I don’t think there was any odd parts when I was reading.  Although it was kinda interesting.  Interesting things can be odd too sometimes but this interesting isn’t odd.  I sit here typing as I look around the room thinking of what to say. I had a turkey salad sandwich for dinner tonight.  It was great in a good way this time instead of an odd way.  It seems to me that I should get some socks on but I’m enjoying typing.  Okay they’re really cold in an odd way so I am going to get some socks on but they’ll be extra odd socks…and they’re long.  I am back.  My socks are quite fun too. I was so fast I think I warmed up my feet isn’t that weird! Well I better be on my way. The End.