The Work Could Work (Lungs)

Posted: August 7, 2011 by Hannah in Family

i can accept
my lungs moving
for me
or in spite of me
in and out
a mind of it’s own
a mind that is controlled
and stable
and remote
and gratitude
because i cannot destroy it
nor can i improve it
magic or science
dialogue or silence
it does what it should
keeping time
and letting go
doing it on it’s own


The Work Could Work (Liver)

Posted: August 7, 2011 by Hannah in Family

i can feel my liver working
removing the disasters
of my intakes

i have expected everything
to be just as
iron instead of irony
but i’m finding that is just not the case

dirt and dirty
could be removed from me
simply and sweetly
the work could work
the work is worth it

but deciphering the
poison from the rest
makes me the antagonist
so i keep it all
until clarity brings the absence of substance

i can feel my liver working
doing things the difficult way
and the correct way
until the sea is saltless
and the mind is faultless


Posted: July 10, 2011 by Hevel in Family

It was falling apart-

Is falling apart               

Becoming a “forgotten beauty”                       

Memories once filled with confusion and epiphanies                                   

With neglected misgivings and forgivings

It’s purpose being fulfilled          

I’m being fulfilled because of it                 

Following suit                          

Dismissing from my mind past mistakes

And with them, their closely followed retakes

Free of my mind and self 

Placing my old thoughts and cognition on a shelf           

For everyone to see…                    

But without anyone to need                            

No longer prone to perfection

But content with just correction                               

The growth in my brokenness      

Mending the cracks of the surface                                  

Within my very soul-    

Oh, what it means to be whole                  

bring to focus

Posted: June 22, 2011 by Hannah in Family

you left in an inspiring attempt
to find
a less reluctant
dance partner
you swept past
with a look
that i hoped you wouldn’t
bring to focus
i figured once
you wandered through
my line of sight
you wouldn’t be coming back

and so,
the party continued.

and i planted my anger
in fertile soil
until i grew
a strong sense of bitterness
grieving something too
desperate and pathetic
to actually claim
i spent time
in it’s shade
but when the world kept moving
i found myself
left behind.

arguing for you
and against you
the undeniable
and rephrasing
to fit my schemes
in it’s holy cloak.

something deeper now
more than self pity
and vengeance.
all the times i told myself not to worry.
fairy tales and triumphant stories,
destroying my views of reality
and their contagious followings
leading up to some huge moment

“what if the end just ends? it’s worthless to worry then.”
-kevin devine

outweighing the contrasts

Posted: June 9, 2011 by Hannah in Family

a wink later:
a cartoon
may best explain the theory
that the similarities
outweigh the contrasts
between the religious community and THE WARREN COMMISSION
considering that:
a glance took place,
as we moved on.
i believe you may be great!
if such a thing could be real.
really REAL.
my vocabulary is small
my thoughts are blunt and bland and come pre-punned.
a turn took place:
placing me in another room
still eating
always consuming
trying for considering
pros and cons and
objects of affection
lost in all of it.
prescribing none of it.
the similarities
outweigh the contrasts:
a tired body, a ruined car
a scribbly mess, a patched up relationship
a list of accomplishments, a list of requirements
but for a grin later:
i spun around and found something.
something lovely.


Posted: March 22, 2011 by Madeline in Family
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Don’t you just love it when Grandma Jean comes over and watches you play basketball? Well, when you live in my house you know what I mean. In the hot summer days, Grandma Jean will come over and watch me and my brothers and sisters fail to play basketball (I am pretty sure I am the only one failing.) But she will bring some bottles of Powerade  and she will sit in one of those  outside plastic chairs and she’ll watch us play. If you are fast enough you’ll get a Powerade, but if you aren’t, you’ll get a small bottle of Sunny D. Anyways…  If you’re good at basketball you will score, but if you are bad at it (like me) you will get to hear the wonderful sound of Grandma Jean yelling,”SHORT”. And if you are really bad, then you’ll probably hear about three people yelling,”SHORT.”  Well, that is Grandma Jean. If it is summer day and you are in our family it is most likely that you will hear her scream,”SHORT” at you. But it is still fun playing basketball. And guess what? I am getting better at it! YEAH. So if you live in my house, good luck and try to get better at basketball. If not,  you will likely hear the sweet sound of Grandma Jean yelling,”SHORT.”  Trust me, it gets annoying after a while.  Sometimes you want to duck tape her mouth shut. I even tried it once…..  It didn’t go over so well.

Posted: March 17, 2011 by Hannah in Family

The first sun burn
Of this new year
I haven’t spoken much,
Because there hasn’t been much to say
People change
And I’m glad for that
It’s been a while since you looked my way
But I’m not gonna hope for too much
I’d be contented with being your new hobby

And everyday my mind is filled
With a growing list of options
For the person I could be
Or perhaps, shouldn’t be
Or perhaps, am
But today I see the potential
It’s a light feeling
And it’s refreshing
Not to always be drowning
But somehow we are surviving
But not because we are better

There are just those moments
That bring to believe
That we are always evolving
I want to dance,
Terribly and awkwardly.
Not under-stating anything.