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Father’s day mushy-ness

Posted: June 16, 2013 by Hannah in Family

You are superman 
Back before he had demons
You are donut cake
Before I stopped liking it
You are that female guidance counselor on a teen tv show 
When I thought she couldn’t be wrong
You are my favorite writer
If I didn’t I discover Fitzgerald 
Your old songs were my favorite
Before I first learned to love guitar
Your faith has always been an encouragement
Before I began to question it
You seem to always suffer in silence
Even when I didn’t think anyone knew how to be quiet
You are my dad
Which means a lot to me. 


Tin Can Attachment

Posted: August 31, 2011 by Hannah in Family

A made up
changing peoples lives
through fiction
a foundation
of imagination and beliefs
and reason

a tired
Walter Cronkite
sits at a cramped desk
in his coffin
and informs
the newbies
on what the
ground has been up to

You be Jonah
and run
we’ll wait
when you are forced back
i hope you don’t hate us
or the circumstances
we didn’t know

King Saul
was just another
failure to come before a Great
staying out late
only the latest polls
could make him forget
his hate

there is a span of time
wired between our skeletons
you and me
a tin can attachment
connecting our hearts
to 400 B.C.
or the time in between

36 things

Posted: August 22, 2011 by Hannah in Family

i’m correcting myself
to never care too much
or too little
with the precision and pressure
of neurosurgery
confronting me

a slight chuckle rumbling through
as if a tidal wave,
an electric shock,
a forward motion,
and pursuing
all that is glory
and devastating

a new beginning
you have to put a down payment on
36 things could go wrong
but before they do
you will continue
or try to


The Work Could Work (Brain)

Posted: August 7, 2011 by Hannah in Family

i can endorse my brain
throbbing and pulsing
though i probably shouldn’t
i do my hardest not to mind
as it takes in messages for my own sake

life gets tied up
so much that it hardly comes out for air
and is never just or fair
and i worry
that the constant worry
only pushes the world away

or smashes us together
but in it’s intellect lies
riddles never answered
and a store that is closing down
due to statistics that end in
“no one wants reminders of what they
can’t have back”

paint it all black
and ceasing
never to trouble us again
never to out prove us
or improve us
to never intrude
or confuse us

i could endorse my brain
throbbing and pulsing
if it was just facts and data
and whatever is necessary
but that’s not what i have
i only have what i lack

The Work Could Work (Lungs)

Posted: August 7, 2011 by Hannah in Family

i can accept
my lungs moving
for me
or in spite of me
in and out
a mind of it’s own
a mind that is controlled
and stable
and remote
and gratitude
because i cannot destroy it
nor can i improve it
magic or science
dialogue or silence
it does what it should
keeping time
and letting go
doing it on it’s own

The Work Could Work (Liver)

Posted: August 7, 2011 by Hannah in Family

i can feel my liver working
removing the disasters
of my intakes

i have expected everything
to be just as
iron instead of irony
but i’m finding that is just not the case

dirt and dirty
could be removed from me
simply and sweetly
the work could work
the work is worth it

but deciphering the
poison from the rest
makes me the antagonist
so i keep it all
until clarity brings the absence of substance

i can feel my liver working
doing things the difficult way
and the correct way
until the sea is saltless
and the mind is faultless

bring to focus

Posted: June 22, 2011 by Hannah in Family

you left in an inspiring attempt
to find
a less reluctant
dance partner
you swept past
with a look
that i hoped you wouldn’t
bring to focus
i figured once
you wandered through
my line of sight
you wouldn’t be coming back

and so,
the party continued.

and i planted my anger
in fertile soil
until i grew
a strong sense of bitterness
grieving something too
desperate and pathetic
to actually claim
i spent time
in it’s shade
but when the world kept moving
i found myself
left behind.

arguing for you
and against you
the undeniable
and rephrasing
to fit my schemes
in it’s holy cloak.

something deeper now
more than self pity
and vengeance.
all the times i told myself not to worry.
fairy tales and triumphant stories,
destroying my views of reality
and their contagious followings
leading up to some huge moment

“what if the end just ends? it’s worthless to worry then.”
-kevin devine