The story we’re sticking to

“There’s just no sense in that,” is a phrase commonly used around our home.  Mom introduced us to it, and she probably created it while trying to figure out our order at some fast food restaurant, and she probably said it in response to Will’s request for at least 3 of the biggest and most expensive items.

(Maybe not, but you can be assured it’s been used in that context more than once.)

In any case, it applies to all kinds of contexts around our house and other places we find ourselves and other messes we get ourselves into.

We are the Pratt kids.  We number 10, soon to be 11, not counting Mom and Dad and Felix, the gecko, aka Far-Eyed Junior, and any other creatures Noah might have captured recently, and we range in ages from 18 to 1, with the scoreboard showing:  Girls 6, Boys 4, and both teams counting on a little help from the new kid to come.

We’re just regular kids, living regular lives, in a regular house, in a regular town, and we have regular things to say.  The only thing that’s not regular about us is the sheer volume of people living under one roof . . . and maybe a few other irregularities here and there.

Some of us are homeschooled, some of us were born at home, some of us were born at Grandma and Grandpa’s, some of us were born in California, some of us have been to France.  All of us have been to New York and Canada and Brush Valley, Pennsylvania.

Some of us are artists, or bookworms, or dancers, or bikers, or songwriters, or skateboarders.  Some of us have had the chickenpox, and some of us still wear diapers.  Some of us are happy most of the time, but none of us are happy all of the time.

All of us have a great family.

We could keep all of this regular treasure tucked away in a locked box buried under the piles of laundry that grow quickly when Mom’s away from our chaotic home, but . . . there’s just no sense in that.

  1. Tammy says:

    I love this. It’s beautiful.

  2. Madeline Pratt says:

    I like it. Now I have read
    ever bodys blogs that have bloged.
    On hear and I commeted on everyones


  3. john (or bubba for short) says:

    cool… B)

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