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Posted: June 29, 2010 by Hevel in Family

I have always been creating these short- yet sometimes long- “blogs” in my head.  Even before I started writing a blog and even before we had a blog. I have been doing this for a jolly well long time, explaining the meaning of anything and everything, telling myself stories, and attempting to tell myself that I am smart by explaining how to do something like… a fakie full cab flip. Maybe it’s because I need more friends to talk to or maybe it’s because I am hoping that some day someone will ask me about something like… how to do a fakie full cab flip or something like that.  I have convinced myself that it must be the latter, but not just specifically about a fakie full cab flip (which, by the way, is formely called a cabellerio flip), but simply about… everything. I find this a immensly helpful exercise when digesting my thoughts and ideas, especially the important ones (the ones that would make me look like a genius if asked about one of those thoughts or ideas because really I am, but I haven’t been asked the right question yet).

In Salt Lake City, Utah there is a schizophrenic man who talks to himself.  He is homeless and nearly every weekday he goes to get in line to receive a free breakfast from Salt Lake City Mission. During a certain Friday in late May while he was at this breakfast, I found that he was very talkative, mumbling aloud his story to a boy I believed to have been named Bobby. Occasionally, turning his head a little bit to stare into the  empty, Salt Lake City air that was meant to be Bobby’s face. 

For some reason I have been thinking about this man a lot lately. I have been meaning to write about him for a over a week because I think he is completely awesome. Though I suppose I have written of him through one of my short “blogs”, but I didn’t know what the point would be.  I still believe I haven’t quite found the point, but while writing the first paragraph of this post, I thought of him and I came to the realization that his mumbling aloud of his story and anything else he might speak of is a lot simaliar to my explaining everything and telling  my stories through the short blogs that I create in my mind. So we are kind of alike in that way which, to me, is really cool.

So on the topic of this explaining one’s thoughts and telling one’s story, I think that I personally don’t appreciate how going through this process has really helped me and does really help me to digest certain things that I am thinking about and how doing this helps me to be more appreciative of those things no matter how simple or how seemingly pointless they are. I also think that if everyone did this then people would be more thankful and loving and understanding towards the things and people that surround them everday. Therefore, like my friend in Utah, I plan on continuing to sort through my thoughts and tell my story to anyone and everyone.

(P.S. Sorry if this didn’t make any sense at all.)

  1. Tony says:

    This was wonderful Will. I’m so happy for the “search” in you. So often when people “find”, they feel they have “arrived”- and then stop searching. They look at others who still have the “search”, and feel better than them. They think that those who search, search because they lack. This is not true. The search is the point Will. None are immune to the disease of pride. Be humble as you suffer through your joyous faith.
    Thank you.

  2. namesake says:

    Will, are you saying your schizophrenic? Oh, geez! First its braces, clothing, food, skateboards, now this! How’m I going to pay for this therapy? Do you have to be so high maintenance? And who’s this Tony fellow commenting on your stuff?

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